City Council


1st and 3rd Mondays of each month @ 7pm @ City Hall - Council Chambers 

Agendas & Minutes

Agendas are available the Friday prior to the meetings. Scanned Agendas, Minutes, Written Reports  and other agenda info. are available to view on this website or by email.

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 Walter Losinski (since 2006-2018 & 2022)

City Council Members:

Nick Hegel (Pres.) (since 2020), Andy Zachmann (VP) (since 2018), Tom Marman (since 2022), Sarah Ross (since 2020), Lynn Swanson Puckett (since 2020), Beverly Wolff (since 2018)

City Committees:

Mayor oversees all committees;

 Street, Sewer & Water Committee: Nick Hegel, Tom Marman

 Garbage & Recycling Committee: Lynn Swanson Puckett, Andy Zachmann

 Police Committee: Nick Hegel, Lynn Swanson Puckett

 Community Liason Committee: Beverly Wolff, Sarah Ross
 Health Board CommitteeAndy Zachmann, Lynn Swanson Puckett, Nick Hegel, Tom Marman
 City & County Zoning Committee: Andy Zachmann, Sarah Ross
 Park Board Committee: Sarah Ross, Tom Marman
 Airport Committee: Beverly Wolff

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