This page only gives you a flavor of what our region has to offer. Unfortunately there isn't enough space in this website to show you all the attractions in the area but it does mention a few. From outdoor experiences, preservation of pioneer heritage to technological advances in farming, you won't find another region like this. You are invited to see for yourself and enjoy yourself in Beach, Golva and Sentinel Butte.

If you would like more information on any of the attractions in Golden Valley County, please fill out and submit the Request Form online.
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  2. Swimming
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  4. Parks & trails
  5. Golden Valley County Museum
  6. Veterans Memorial
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Tourist Information Center

The Tourist Information Center  (TIC) offers information about local attractions, businesses, and community events. The site contains a vast number of brochures that highlight not only the local area but all of North Dakota. There are also brochures for South Dakota & Montana. 

The TIC is located just south of I-94 on US Highway 16 on the northwest side of Beach. Friendly and knowledgeable staff are onsite from Memorial Day to Sept. 30th. Local businesses are encouraged to bring their brochures to the Visitor’s Center. 

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