Retail Services

Badlands Barista & Boutique        

  • Baili Neilson, Owner

 73 E Main Street

Beach, ND 58621

Phone: 701-872-2629 

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Beach Food Center

  • Tim Oech, Owner

 181 Central Avenue N

P.O.  Box 127

Beach, ND 58621

Phone: 701-872-4364 

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Beach Pharmacy

180 Central Avenue N

P.O. Box 880

Beach, ND 58621

Phone: 701-872-2800, Fax: 701-872-2801 or Email

Or visit website, where an option to download a Mobile App is available.

Dollar General

90 4th St. NW

Beach, ND 58621


Golden Salon & Boutique

  • Brooklyn Golberg, owner

309 1st St. SE
Beach, ND 58621

Phone: 701-218-0457 (call or text) 

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Hair Lines by Maureen 

  • Maureen Fulton, Owner

 209 E Main Street

Beach, ND 58621

Phone: 701-872-3081 

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M N M Restore & Tin Ceiling Mercantile

  • Misti Nemitz, owner

87 Central Ave. S.

Beach, ND 58621

Phone: 701-872-2424 

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Prairie Fire Pottery

  • Tama Smith, Owner

 127 Main Street E

P.O. Box 190

Beach, ND 58621

Phone: 701-872-3855 


Prairie Lumber Company of Beach

  • Ron Zachmann, Owner

 98 East Main

P.O. Box 598

Beach, ND 58621

Phone: 701-872-4212 or Toll Free: 800-404-4212

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Prairie Lumber Company of Golva

Golva, ND 58632

Phone: 701-872-3696

Rohan's Hardware

37 East Main

P.O. Box 158

Beach, ND 58621

Phone: 701-872-3396

S & R Interiors, Inc

52 Central Avenue S

P.O. Box 535

Beach, ND 58621

Phone: 701-872-4434

Wild Vines Market

(specialty drinks, floral arrangements, accessories)

  • Michaela Applegate, Owner

20 1St. N
 Beach, ND 58621
 Phone: 872-5506 

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